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Breathe, Just Breathe

I’ll meet you there

Somewhere in the wind

Breathe me in



Time and distance

Are illusions anyways

Appreciate the storm

And the calm it brought

To the seas

We are sailing on



You belong together

You both share a

Complete lack of empathy

Don’t care who you hurt

In the search for self gratification

You only wanted me for a trophy

Cause I’m not easy

I’m impossible

You never knew me

We both loved a fantasy

I never had wandering eyes

Until you betrayed me

I’ll never forget the shock

Through my whole body

When I saw what you did

Really, secret dances?

Sending hearts

Singing love lyrics

Sneaky glances

That I used to be at the end of

Tell me I’m not justified

Go ahead

I know you’re still doing it

Thanks to friends

Telling me

I’m right

The only reason I think of you

Is to try to figure out

how a person could be that selfish

And mean and deceitful

I pity any girl that falls for you

I’ve been through a period of soul testing according to my natal chart. All astrologers say that time period, is the worst period of soul testing for everybody. I always thought when I read about it, there would be some specific decision to be made and I was afraid of making the wrong one. All some astrologers would say is that it is a period of “meeting self”… now I realize what they meant was that you keep faith in yourself, that you WILL make the right decision and that a higher source will guide you. It’s like Job, I guess… really all I did was ask why I had to go through this? But I never lost faith that something good would come out of enduring all that pain…

I don’t have answers, but I ask and receive messages and try to interpret them.

Last night: Dream about diamonds, explaining they reflect a pure white light, whereas, crystals reflect a rainbow and the better the diamond the clearer the light they give off. So when someone proposes with a ring, you know how sincere they are by how clear the diamond shines…. then I look back at you and feel deep deep and we go to leave, but I pick up a white dress that’s hanging and stain it in some red wine and I wonder why I care when I’m already wearing a white dress that is shorter and cuter… I want to say to everyone else who is upset that it doesn’t matter just throw it away… then I wake up


I’m so at fault

What was I thinking trying to be a fan

Someone liked me

Gosh such a crime

I so deserve to be part

Of this bullshit

I never asked for this

Such a crime to believe in a Liar

Yeah we all have feelings

Except me I guess

Why Cross lines

When you lied

God I’m such a bad girl

For trying to get closer to a fool

Funny thing is I have the power

I can turn you all off with a click

Or destroy you with loose lips

Keep giving me those receipts

So much time money energy

All for naught

All to prove

You will never love as deeply as I have

But my love is my own

It belongs to me

It can’t be stolen

I’ll give it to whomever I please