June 19

Devotion, Without Doubt

Crying tears in the sun
Late night I realize
You can love so much
It breaks your own heart
I think about leaving
But you bring me back

May 26

I wish I could forget when it was magic.
I wish I could forget the rush of those first days.
I wish I could forget when you threw it all away.
I told you we could be the strongest,
Why did you mock me then?
Hurts doesn’t it? Being jealous?
Hurts pretending you’re not.
I know how that feels.
Still hurts that you play the victim.
You can’t admit fault, just ignore the truth.
Whatever, play the the child you are,
That’s all you ever were.
I never asked a damn thing of you,
You did it to yourself.
And I’ll never get an explanation,
For your ambiguity.
Did you think I’d forget?

May 24

My lunchtables of the past;
The goth girl,
The slut,
The transgender girl,
And the girl that slit her wrists.
I hung with the freaks
And the bad boys.
But I was just a tease,
Its much more fun to not give it up
And make my teachers blush.
Ooh I’m an outcast still?
Yeah I don’t get along with people
That sacrifice individuality
And freedom of expression
For popularity.
So thanks for the validation
That I never became what you are.

May 18

Bad Girl

It’s so easy to break them
Save nothing
Still waters
But I want you to try
Waxing waning
Can you find me out?
Can you run with me…

May 16

Never Thought I’d Run

I didn’t ask for you to do a live that night.
I knew you were thinking of me,
“Don’t look back” said the dragon.
I didn’t ask for you to buy that green necklace
The next day.
I didn’t ask for you to be in my home town
For four days thinking of me.
I didn’t ask for you to change your wardrobe.
I didn’t ask for you to like the art, movies, or music I like.
I definitely didn’t ask to be stalked and harassed
By your gang of…..
I didn’t ask anything of you ever,
Not once: do this, upload that.
You did everything cause you wanted to.
As I recall, you asked me not to cheat.
And I implied that it hurt me
When you stared at other girls.
And I remember you blatantly disregarded those feelings.

To come after someone just to hurt them,
That’s just mean.
Seeing you only breaks my heart again.
All my hopes and dreams that died
Come rushing back to me.
Ghosts that make me ache.
But everything’s all about you
And your feelings.

May 14


Everything I never knew that I wanted
Like a going down a check list
Yes, I like that and that and that
Wearing the same clothes
Clueless in the kitchen
Messy room
Sweetest laugh
I’m even in love with the way you walk
Can you never stop walking like that?
It’s just everything
And everything about you makes me crazy
Your sillyness makes me laugh
Yet I yearn to take care of you

May 3


You’ve fallen so far down
Through the earth to
the other side of the universe
Into a far away galaxy
That you can only hope
is the OOber Galaxy of stars
Cause it’s so beautiful
you don’t ever want to leave

April 26

Nothing to let go
Or hold on to

Not the same
I’m secure
Even if you are
Not with me
I’m serious
But not afraid
I only want
To make you happy

April 18

When we give our love
We often also feel pain,
But they feel only pleasure.
How much more deeply
Do we love? To sacrifice
Our pleasure for theirs.
When in seeking pleasure we
Risk the ultimate pain,
To give life to another.