Category: Dream Diary

Dying Fish Tv Love

I saw a dying fish on a parking lot pavement
The little thing was struggling to breath
I thought how horrible that would be
So I picked it up and
having no water, put in my soda pop
to my surprise the fish
could breath in my soda pop
So I took the little fish home
and watched some TV
The show I watched had
colorful sets and costumes
this was the last episode of the season
So they had a contest for the fans,
to win all sorts of glittery personalized goodies
handmade by the stars
I thought, “that’s nice of them”
So I turned off the tellie
and went to the shops
It was christmas time
and all the shops were full of toys
I walked down one isle and
there were discarded boxes
with the a high school class’s
graffiti painted on them
I thought, I will buy these
and keep them empty
cause this is the year
my favorite tv show ended



My Dream Last Night

I dreamed last night of stealing clothes from a rich womans garage sale.

She was in her big home looking at freshly bought clothes.

 She didn’t even notice us putting the clothes in our car.

I guess she had so much she didn’t notice.

It was justice.

She didn’t even notice they were gone.

We where scared of the police, but they never came.

It was only our fear that terrorized us.

In my another dream that night,

I tried to steal some rare Music Dvd’s.

An eBay seller had them.

 His inflated prices where unjust.

He was raping some fan of their money.

These dreams symbolizes my feelings towards Americans.

I see people with “toys” that cost thousands of dollars.

Money used for selfish pleasure instead of helping feed, clothe and educate their fellow-man.

A million justifications and delusions approve this.

Like “I donate to charities” and “they need to get a job”

The solution to poverty and starvation is not simple.

There is a limited amount of money in the country,

money does not grow on trees,

The federal bank cannot print enough money to make everyone a millionaire.

The economy would collapse.

People need to get together and ensure no human being in our country is starving, uneducated, abused or unwanted.

There are not easy solutions.

Self sacrifice and a radically different way of thinking about each other is what we need.

We need to LOVE one another as brothers and sisters.

That is the only way out of this vicous cycle of selfishness and hate.