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American Girl


don’t intend to continue
yes for her
them that sleep
the army
that I am here
run for the day
evening wake up
we do not faint
rough I’m not
the people here
ruled they were
I right at the back
the billion pic
whats going to happen
the media on it
who happy in this time



Dying Fish Tv Love

I saw a dying fish on a parking lot pavement
The little thing was struggling to breath
I thought how horrible that would be
So I picked it up and
having no water, put in my soda pop
to my surprise the fish
could breath in my soda pop
So I took the little fish home
and watched some TV
The show I watched had
colorful sets and costumes
this was the last episode of the season
So they had a contest for the fans,
to win all sorts of glittery personalized goodies
handmade by the stars
I thought, “that’s nice of them”
So I turned off the tellie
and went to the shops
It was christmas time
and all the shops were full of toys
I walked down one isle and
there were discarded boxes
with the a high school class’s
graffiti painted on them
I thought, I will buy these
and keep them empty
cause this is the year
my favorite tv show ended


I will give all my money and loyalty to you, I am a good conformist. I will have multiple children fathered by a spouse that treats me like a slave, I will deny my unhappiness by reading romance novels, I buy at Jewel when I’m shopping for groceries. I will come home and watch TV. Then I will go out the next day to shop and I will buy all the products with the funniest commercials. I will watch sports. I will go to church once a week and give them my money. I will not question my preacher, I will blindly accept his dogma. I will idolize pop stars. I will never self analyze or reflect on my actions or thoughts. I live in the land of the free, where you either conform or be attacked for being an individual. Unless of course, you entertain us conformists them we will idolize you and copy everything about you. I will fear god, the devil and Santa Claus. After all they each give me great gifts. Money is all.