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Superflat Mendacious Art

Can they speak for themselves
Or do they have wires on their mouths?
These are my scary little thoughts
Rolling around my head.
I don’t mean to offend.
I’m so in love
It makes me sick.
Hurt, hurt,
Nauseating hurt.
The machine devours human hearts,
expels commodities
for thoughtless masses.
The male genius
a fucking hypocrite.
Superflat affectation.
The woman artist
Our voice,
What fucking Voice?
Moral: “When Art  becomes a mass produced nonentity, It’s the end for all creative cognition amongst humanity”

Fucked up world with no escape

how are you supposed to see good in the future when you being an idealist see all the violence hatred perversion self righteous faults in yourself that you are trying to escape from and find truth peace harmony, what is the solution when you don’t fit in with becoming a brain dead conformist living in a little suburban house raising kids, growing old to die alone in a nursing home, your kids just becoming the same cycle breed bury breed bury repeat. until all humans have spawned to the point that they completely rape the earth of all its life, the world becoming nothing but a black mud pit of nothing, yes the cosmos is conscious of itself through us, and it wants self annihilation  apparently, is that the truth?


the culture of the rich and stupid

I can’t help imagining the brain of a person caught in the traps of the culture of the rich and stupid,

you know, rich people that collect expensive foreign cultural objects, that they don’t understand….

The stuff must be worth money,

its made by strange people that do stuff I don’t understand.

I cant be them and no one else can ,

so their art and cultural icons must be worth money, right?

I have nothing else to spend my money on,

and if I buy this I can be better than all the little people that have to use their money for food.

I want to be surrounded by strange foreign things,

including parts of slaughtered animals from foreign countries, those are extremely valuable.

Especially the ones from the birthplace of all human kind,

those are the best butchered body parts,

they carve them into nice pretty designs or you can throw their skins on the ground.

One day all those animals will not be alive anymore cause we have slaughtered them all ,

then their skins and tusks will be even more valuable.

I can’t wait!!


the irony of houses being called cribs


Americans are like babies in cribs,

whining crying demanding to be feed cleaned,

give me give me give me,

selfish immature, helpless infants.

tied died down, ignorant of their bondage.

the big hand comes and gives them their needs,

never yearning for independence, self reliance.

immature, give it to me or else, its not yours its mine.

but if you grow up you release your getting fucked every which way.

lied to, brainwashed,

history an illusion of perfection, no fault here.

the world is mine, wisdom is erased.

the big hand gives and takes away.

it keeps knowledge from us.

but if you attain knowledge you are more fucked,

cause you realize you are trapped.


art means nothing.

everything is just fine and dandy,

there is no pain or suffering in the world,

so buy yourself an iphone and plug yourself into the system.

tune in and drop out.

art from pain is just another commodity at your local pop culture store.

buy it, its cool and trendy.

your life is perfect,

you can buy what others have.

and if you can’t… destroy them.

crush their soul, push them out,

they can make their art,

but you can kill them

and then sell it back to the kids.


Growing up in America

Fuck it,

Sell your toys,

Save your money,

Get a new car,


buy a Ford Focus.


My Dream Last Night

I dreamed last night of stealing clothes from a rich womans garage sale.

She was in her big home looking at freshly bought clothes.

 She didn’t even notice us putting the clothes in our car.

I guess she had so much she didn’t notice.

It was justice.

She didn’t even notice they were gone.

We where scared of the police, but they never came.

It was only our fear that terrorized us.

In my another dream that night,

I tried to steal some rare Music Dvd’s.

An eBay seller had them.

 His inflated prices where unjust.

He was raping some fan of their money.

These dreams symbolizes my feelings towards Americans.

I see people with “toys” that cost thousands of dollars.

Money used for selfish pleasure instead of helping feed, clothe and educate their fellow-man.

A million justifications and delusions approve this.

Like “I donate to charities” and “they need to get a job”

The solution to poverty and starvation is not simple.

There is a limited amount of money in the country,

money does not grow on trees,

The federal bank cannot print enough money to make everyone a millionaire.

The economy would collapse.

People need to get together and ensure no human being in our country is starving, uneducated, abused or unwanted.

There are not easy solutions.

Self sacrifice and a radically different way of thinking about each other is what we need.

We need to LOVE one another as brothers and sisters.

That is the only way out of this vicous cycle of selfishness and hate.


I Dont know what to do I feel like giving up. I have talked honestly about how I feel about our current capitalistic society and the effects of blindly consuming products, but apparently I’m a preachy, high and mighty Malcolm X crazy person.  If a person desires something you better get out of their way or else. Don’t try to reach them with logical arguments or you will get shoved roughly aside and be told to stop being such an a-hole. It doesn’t matter if you where just trying to tell them how much better it would be for the future if they choose organic products over sugar snacks. Look they know they don’t need it, that they want it. So what, stop being such a jerk. Of course you have tons of reasons why to buy organic, but who cares! They where choosing on taste not ecological sustainability, who chooses cereal based on that? So how exactly are you supposed to argue someone when they tell you that they know that they desire their sugar puffs? Whats the point? When you tell someone that double bacon cheese burger is bad for your health and the cows and pigs killed for it stood knee deep in their own shit all day and ate the slaughtered remains of their brothers and sisters; but they just reply “I know but its tastes sooo good” How do you argue with that? With ignorance and blind desire? Answer: you can’t. There’s nothing I can do and I feel utterly hopeless. …. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Any help??