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Superflat Mendacious Art

Can they speak for themselves
Or do they have wires on their mouths?
These are my scary little thoughts
Rolling around my head.
I don’t mean to offend.
I’m so in love
It makes me sick.
Hurt, hurt,
Nauseating hurt.
The machine devours human hearts,
expels commodities
for thoughtless masses.
The male genius
a fucking hypocrite.
Superflat affectation.
The woman artist
Our voice,
What fucking Voice?
Moral: “When Art  becomes a mass produced nonentity, It’s the end for all creative cognition amongst humanity”

changed destroyed grown up mature forgotten hurt unwanted christmas spoil those who are wanted hate those unsuccessful fitting out crush their spirit destroy them be happy make fun of forget pity hate love is dead crush destroy demolish love kids hate siblings ignore and forget the past you were never there with them you were never struggling you forgot how you got were you are slaves make them die it would be best for all kittens abandoned in the cold for clean carpets forget jesus get gifts for only those worthy hate hate hate them outcast them pressure them to conform society tells us what to do forget our past drink beer with those who beat you as children those who remember are immature those who hurt are insecure those who think are communists those who question are conspiracists shut up and do as I say now don’t think be numb be a machine feed the machine don’t make art that makes us remember our feelings our innermost doubts fears and painful past we left ourselves behind so you should sell out give up wash your brain with bleach and fill it with tv you’re not good enough or worthy of us until you do fuck you we hate you hide your weird you are not an artist you are stupid you can do nothing in life that is good be a slave to the machine be successful


Free with a degree, Trapped

I read a story should be about the
“How and Why?”
The hard part is writing
“The Stretch In Between”
I just read a story about the
“Differences In Being female”
It reminded me of something I abhor
“Societal Rules”
Along with it’s ever present
So I wonder in America today
“Is Freedom Only For Rebels?”
I can’t help but ask myself
“Is Freedom Being A Rebel?”
Because it seems to be a certified success today
“the only option is conformity”
So I wonder,
“Did All The Great Poets Have Degrees?”
If they didn’t it seems today that
“Greatness Is Overrated”
Because TODAY
“Degrees Are Your Only Path To Mild Obscurity”
The modern truth is
“The genius In Poverty Deserves No Degree”
It seems are fast food nation has once again forgotten that
“The Great Painters Of History All Died poor”
At least
“Now They Can Be Ghostly Trillion-ares”
But the colleges say
“Come And Be Creative”
They grin and say
“We Welcome The Hard Working”
But all the scholarships are won by
“Smiling Faced Degree Accredited poets”
I guess the new hip counter-culture movement is
“Not ‘On The Road’ But ‘Off-The Road”
Lets all cheerfully welcome what the dying American Art Movement needs TODAY
“Today’s M.A. Earned American Pioneers in Outlaw Thought”
Their creative genius
“Payed For In Gross Tuition Fees”
Still wet from the harsh jungle of upper middle class America where
“Daddy’s Credit Card Will Provide Your Creativity”
All their
“Passion For Art Is Proved And Paid”
The websites will host their
“Smiling Thumbnails with proof of paid for artistry”
Today we can safely adopt the motto
“Never-mind Art Speaking For Itself”
Joyfully walk down the cattle shoot
“Scholarships are for the conformists”
And remember
“freethinkers never changed the world”