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Dream Tiger

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Because of the words you wrote

I can never be sad.
It’s still hard
Not having you here.
I can’t show you my pain
It’s not fair.
Now that you’ve told me you’re here.
But somehow it’s not enough.
I know your not playing any games.
But old wounds
Make me afraid.
I can’t erase my past
Never thinking I’m good enough.
This is so hard.
I can’t tell you who I am.
I don’t deserve something so sweet.
I don’t deserve you.
Your perfect in my eyes,
It makes me ache with desire
To love you and protect you.
I didn’t plan for this.
It can look insincere from the outside,
But I swear my love is real.
Your stare,
A shock through me.
Your voice,
Makes me tremble.
Up all night,
Your words
Running round in my head.
I mean it when I said,
“I’d wait all eternity for your kiss”,
And I’d still love you
Even if you hated me.

I must be going crazy…



Dream Dragon

Grow, don’t change.
Stay alive, because
Even the pain is beautiful.
So hot and you have a heart
That’s breaking mine.
Your beauty is the air I breathe.
I want to shelter you but
Your so far away.
It hurts.
We meet in my dreams,
I wake up missing you..


Loveless Man

A stranger in your own house
returning from one job
to the next
another goal
career is set
now family is accomplished
but I’ve seen in your eyes
I know what you deny
you don’t fool me
repressing yourself
to fit in
it’s all a show
but your eyes reveal your soul
their my home
as my eyes are your true home
return to that sanctuary
if only fleetingly
and forget the lies we tell the world


I Dont know what to do I feel like giving up. I have talked honestly about how I feel about our current capitalistic society and the effects of blindly consuming products, but apparently I’m a preachy, high and mighty Malcolm X crazy person.  If a person desires something you better get out of their way or else. Don’t try to reach them with logical arguments or you will get shoved roughly aside and be told to stop being such an a-hole. It doesn’t matter if you where just trying to tell them how much better it would be for the future if they choose organic products over sugar snacks. Look they know they don’t need it, that they want it. So what, stop being such a jerk. Of course you have tons of reasons why to buy organic, but who cares! They where choosing on taste not ecological sustainability, who chooses cereal based on that? So how exactly are you supposed to argue someone when they tell you that they know that they desire their sugar puffs? Whats the point? When you tell someone that double bacon cheese burger is bad for your health and the cows and pigs killed for it stood knee deep in their own shit all day and ate the slaughtered remains of their brothers and sisters; but they just reply “I know but its tastes sooo good” How do you argue with that? With ignorance and blind desire? Answer: you can’t. There’s nothing I can do and I feel utterly hopeless. …. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Any help??