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Elusive Joy

Some people have no clue how
To get high
Without drugs or alcohol.
Its called joy.
And you can’t buy it in any store.
You can’t steal it out of spite.
You have to earn it.
Through following your heart.
If you have one that is.
If you haven’t destroyed it
With cruel selfish acts
And all your left with
Is a black empty shell.
cause its hip,
So hip and cool,
To be an alcoholic,
To get inebriated.
So go be fly,
With your sad pathetic self.
I’ll be over here
Enjoying myself.
Don’t try to bring me down
With your jealous words,
I see who you are!!



Fucked up world with no escape

how are you supposed to see good in the future when you being an idealist see all the violence hatred perversion self righteous faults in yourself¬†that you are trying to escape from and find truth peace harmony, what is the solution when you don’t fit in with becoming a brain dead conformist living in a little suburban house raising kids, growing old to die alone in a nursing home, your kids just becoming the same cycle breed bury breed bury repeat. until all humans have spawned to the point that they completely rape the earth of all its life, the world becoming nothing but a black mud pit of nothing, yes the cosmos is conscious of itself through us, and it wants self annihilation ¬†apparently, is that the truth?


Death Of Life

Where is the journey we are going on?

What path does it sing?

I need to catch up.

We need to not forget.

Death of life, what feelings are right?

Was where I was right?

Or Is where they are right?

What lies ahead?

Confusion all around.

Weak, am I weak or strong?

To many questions.

I need answers.

Answers come, but how to fulfill them?