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Dream Dragon

Grow, don’t change.
Stay alive, because
Even the pain is beautiful.
So hot and you have a heart
That’s breaking mine.
Your beauty is the air I breathe.
I want to shelter you but
Your so far away.
It hurts.
We meet in my dreams,
I wake up missing you..



Poems of Babble

lets start at the beginning
you I want to rip your clothes off
later haunting images of…
getting on
your hate causes whirlwinds
ignore ignore
you will always come back
and so will I
I never got a chance with her
spiritual awakening
from the past stirring my soul
spring still taunts me
desire for a love
only in my head
poems of babble
and commercial tales
what to decide love or hate
no continuity in sex
cut each others throats
and I still remember the dirtiness
can’t clean enough




You little pest
Hold your breath
please be my guest
I’m sick of your tests
I just want to be at rest
I’ll continue my quest
At your jests
I’m unimpressed
without you I’m blessed
my passion awakes in my breast
Of your charm I’m dispossessed
rip up my princess dress
Fly free from your nest
Of ghoulish depressed
deprived of their best
I am self-possessed
No longer obsessed


Dark Reflections

“Think she’ll kill herself today?
Shall we watch?
That girl is a train wreck!”
You bring me here, out of myself
I dive into the surroundings
And bring forth
Words cut by silence.
This distance protects our egos.
Play games to avoid intimacy.
Lies and more lies.
A wandering stranger with a familiar scent.
I’ll light the black candles,
and banish this darkness.

girls candles

Tired Wrinkled Vegas Show

on with the horns
and off with the show
make up melting in the rain
times up, game over
ugly cracked painted façade
unmasked, revealed, now a joke
punchlines so fun
hit me in the gut
memories lie wasted


Elusive Joy

Some people have no clue how
To get high
Without drugs or alcohol.
Its called joy.
And you can’t buy it in any store.
You can’t steal it out of spite.
You have to earn it.
Through following your heart.
If you have one that is.
If you haven’t destroyed it
With cruel selfish acts
And all your left with
Is a black empty shell.
cause its hip,
So hip and cool,
To be an alcoholic,
To get inebriated.
So go be fly,
With your sad pathetic self.
I’ll be over here
Enjoying myself.
Don’t try to bring me down
With your jealous words,
I see who you are!!


Shiny Illusions Of Hope

Do you want me to kill myself?
My head in the toilet,
Another desolate broken songbird.
All this time
That’s what you’ve been wanting.
So tragic and romantic!
You can be sad,
Finally have a reason to love me!
Say you miss me,
But I’ve run far away,
Chasing freedom,
Her white gown eluding my grasp
Fades into the mist.
You want to destroy me!!
Come back, come back!
We’re not done with you!
Your trying to live,
We want you dead.
Here’s some pills.
You feel that pain?
Kill it with them.
You can do nothing,
Nothing ever good.
Tempt me with promises,
Promises of care.
Bent and twisted lies,
Shiny illusions of hope.
Watch my tender heart
Turn cold.
Drown myself in darkness.
Can I never escape?


Magnificent Dawn

Love is a cheap word

when it comes to you.

I ate an image,

Not even food.

I found God in you,

I’ve been revived.

Insecurity, second guessing,

Vanish with your convictions.

My thoughts in your mouth,

Astonish me.

Never knew I would find you,

The sun rises again,

After a gloomy night.

You are my dawn,



Women Trained Like Slaves

We’ve been trained like slaves
to judge, rip apart.
I’m reading,
He said, did you enjoy it?
I said, I’m still searching.
WOW, you like those
bikini clad girls.
Sorry… no I’m not.
games, games,
should I repeat?
He said, you think your the only one?
I said, you want me to compete…
with her, with them?
Oh, dont bother me anymore,
I’m about to explode.
I need to find myself,
your tearing me apart.


A Whore’s Freedom

red lipstick above her mustache
working for the man
a sardonic smile
I look above and around him
holding on to all the moments of brightness
morning air, church flowers, ducks in the lake
you cant take credit for my achievments
my strength is my own
a whore’s freedom


Starving Man Boy

why should I care anymore
not going to be part of your harem
don’t need you for validation
hypocrite thats what you are
go home to your robot slave women
she’s right and proper for a wife
but go beg little moist girls for water
make your declarations of right
your still a sad and lonely
starving little boy inside
dont come to me
i dont feed self rightous begars
the banquet you’ve declared as sin
dont come asking for scraps
if you ask me
your a coward
too afraid of real love
afraid of surrender
you want worshipers
yet all you attract
is users

I know who you are now,  so I’ll let you go…


Love Game Competition

my life all day and night is
a love game competition
worship me
throw my body around
win affection
look at me look at me
I’m the easy empty vessel
fill me up with you
I’m mind tricks and your a
little drooling dog
lick my heels
bite nice girls
I scream and go yeeeaaaah
I’ll be what you want
I fill the role
TV broad dance drink scream
shake my hips
all will worship me
otherwise my hate will eat you
don’t think
just look
on your knees
be my validation




Loveless Man

A stranger in your own house
returning from one job
to the next
another goal
career is set
now family is accomplished
but I’ve seen in your eyes
I know what you deny
you don’t fool me
repressing yourself
to fit in
it’s all a show
but your eyes reveal your soul
their my home
as my eyes are your true home
return to that sanctuary
if only fleetingly
and forget the lies we tell the world


The Mirror of You and I

remember now
don’t be a fool
this is were i have to stay
don’t smile
don’t laugh
don’t be polite
your not part of it.
don’t be a fool
don’t kid yourself.
im here
out here
dying where i belong.
where i was born.
You cant understand ?
oh! You think You do!
You think its me?
cause ive never even tried?
i have.
but They know.
sorry but i cant be fake,
and actually, well, You see im sorry for You.
it alright though! like You said, “Don’t Worry!”
i understand.
ive suffered.
You haven’t.
here i am on the outside,
looking through the glass,
smiling at Your glee,
a mirror, where You see You and i see me.
both alone,
i thought We could be One, BUT
I’ve learned better.
I’m not invited in your clique.
but thats ok,
I’ll do what I have too.
I will will will recall Myself.
and anyways, what do I ever earn?
I only come full circle.
I cant escape me, my past .
and I see now that,
My future can’t last.
you will see, I will be Me.