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You cannot go against the will or law of God. That is an illusion. Much like the traitor in The Matrix that eats the steak and says I know it’s an illusion but prefers to live in the illusionary land (material) because it feels good. Like the 3 girls in The Craft, they try to invoke the spirit of nature, without being spiritually ready. Then proceed to use the powers for selfishness, and it comes back at them. Anything you put out comes back. If you do not serve the law and are not ready to use it as it wills to be used, whatever you put out will come back.

Using “demons” or ceremonial magic (or drugs), is a way to try and cheat the law. Which is impossible. That is a lesson for some to learn.

Romani are born with a connection to mana. Also with their own set of fairies/nature spirit/ancestor spirit. This is gained through spiritual discipline in past lives. Such people do not need to do elaborate ritual or mess with dark entities to have their will enforced. It is a very foolish deed to mess with the spiritual realm(when one is not spiritual advanced) or to think one can do so for selfish purposes.

And um… fyi… the Baphomet is a symbol not an entity… morons…

Someone or organizations trying to manipulate people, psychologically mess with them, or physically torturing people is not “magic” or occultism. They are psychos, using studied tactics to control and manipulate people. Research scientology, for an example. One method of control is through superstition. Also, making people have multiple personality disorders through extreme trauma is real. It’s not a “cool” thing to have as a concept for a band.

“Dissociative identity disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder, is a condition wherein a person’s identity is fragmented into two or more distinct personality states. People with this rare condition are often victims of severe abuse.” – Psychology Today


Wild Goddess

I am Goddess
milk white skin
how dare you give me
this feeling
in my pit
of nothing
black dark
sick of
sparkle silver illusions
love her
empty woman
I will not be bound
put your
chains over her
I’m free
wild goddess
I live with Pegasus
fly by moonlight
kiss you
while you sleep
slumber in ignorance
adore your
plastic dolls
real love
eludes you
while I fly free


The Secret of Eternity

tick tock tick tock

 the clock hand moves

around a circle.

 time is a circle.

tick tock the clock moves in a circle.

A circle?

 time is measured by a circle?

tick tock tick tock

the clock goes

tick tock

in a circle.


Billy Corgan Is In A Cult

Have you ever watched youtube videos of live Smashing Pumpkins in the Adore era? In the midst of watching the three remaining original band members and all their hotness, the camera pans over to the drummer…… and your mind says “what the fuck?” Who the hell does this crazy happy bald Billy want to be freak of nature think he is? I mean seriously, you can’t deny it, you know your mind goes there. Wait did I say the drummer, I meant out of the five or so that they had live, that friggen sports jacket coordinated orange sunglass wearing shiny baldheaded sweaty butt munch. That guy almost ruins the whole performance for me. I think Billy only picked him cause he wanted some bald company and probably some tips from the professional bald guy of how to keep is head shiny and squeaky clean. Seriously that guy must use Mr. Clean on his head as a polish. I saw this one youtube video of Billy joking that he didn’t want to be in “the fucking bald guy club.” But we all know the truth, he can’t hide it. The Bald Guy Club is a secret society like the free masons, dedicated to the preservation of respectable baldheaded representation and solicitation. He is obviously a prominent member who was initiated when he became a top selling artist… Billy was simply trying to pull a Neptune fast one on us, damn sneaky Pisces. I’m sure he has a gold plaque to commemorate his earning of highest initiation on his bedroom wall above his altar to almighty baldness. (Billy if your reading this I’m just joking, I know your sense of humor is sometimes lacking, I mean not to say you don’t have one, your awesome and everyone that is cool loves you, and It’s just that you know your opposing sun and ascendant make you a hard one to predict, then there’s all that Aries in you Mars and Venus, and Aries being in your eighth house, which must make you have an aggressive impulsive nature mixed with a revengeful nature, I mean damn astrology is revealing what was I talking about?) Anyways, that bald guy during the adore era was clearly a spy from The Bald Guy Club, who was keeping an eye on Billy. They were concerned that he had gone all Goth and sad and was going have a breakdown and reveal The Bald Guy Club secrets to the world. No wonder I don’t like that bald drummer freak. Do you know anybody that is bald? Go head ask them about The Bald Guy Club, and see if you can get any strait answers. They’ll just act like your crazy, but you know the truth now.

(Billy Willy Folklore: “They say if you mention Billy’s name in your blog 7 times he will tweet about your blog”) Oh crap, I only mentioned it 6 times.