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Loveless Man

A stranger in your own house
returning from one job
to the next
another goal
career is set
now family is accomplished
but I’ve seen in your eyes
I know what you deny
you don’t fool me
repressing yourself
to fit in
it’s all a show
but your eyes reveal your soul
their my home
as my eyes are your true home
return to that sanctuary
if only fleetingly
and forget the lies we tell the world



Your Fallen Angel

dying in front of you
twirling my hair
little girl lost
your cool indifference
kills me
hopelessly falling
fuck obscurity
this is intolerable
my heart’s your plaything
a mindless amusement
go ahead
laugh at my foolishness
a stupid silly girl
its fun to ignore
to pretend
just a pretty doll
no mind
no feelings
I die
you laugh
cruel sadistic bastard
yet I’m still falling
making up dazzling illusions
while you wait for the crash
knowing and smirking slyly


Poisonous Passion

Intoxicated by your nearness
I lose my myself
Your eyes meet mine
I cant hold back
you see everything
falling into unknown heights
ready to believe any illusion
So I run from you
this passion scares me
and now I find your confused
Why? This love can’t grow
and you know why
Jealousies tear us apart
desire repressed, kills our hearts
where do we go from here?
I’m so lost
Don’t hate me
Not wanting to drown
I cling to the beach
but the sand is wet from tears
I’m losing my grip
falling into infinite you
tell me, is it so odd to want to keep yourself in one piece?