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Dream Tiger

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Because of the words you wrote

I can never be sad.
It’s still hard
Not having you here.
I can’t show you my pain
It’s not fair.
Now that you’ve told me you’re here.
But somehow it’s not enough.
I know your not playing any games.
But old wounds
Make me afraid.
I can’t erase my past
Never thinking I’m good enough.
This is so hard.
I can’t tell you who I am.
I don’t deserve something so sweet.
I don’t deserve you.
Your perfect in my eyes,
It makes me ache with desire
To love you and protect you.
I didn’t plan for this.
It can look insincere from the outside,
But I swear my love is real.
Your stare,
A shock through me.
Your voice,
Makes me tremble.
Up all night,
Your words
Running round in my head.
I mean it when I said,
“I’d wait all eternity for your kiss”,
And I’d still love you
Even if you hated me.

I must be going crazy…



Dream Dragon

Grow, don’t change.
Stay alive, because
Even the pain is beautiful.
So hot and you have a heart
That’s breaking mine.
Your beauty is the air I breathe.
I want to shelter you but
Your so far away.
It hurts.
We meet in my dreams,
I wake up missing you..


The Mirror of You and I

remember now
don’t be a fool
this is were i have to stay
don’t smile
don’t laugh
don’t be polite
your not part of it.
don’t be a fool
don’t kid yourself.
im here
out here
dying where i belong.
where i was born.
You cant understand ?
oh! You think You do!
You think its me?
cause ive never even tried?
i have.
but They know.
sorry but i cant be fake,
and actually, well, You see im sorry for You.
it alright though! like You said, “Don’t Worry!”
i understand.
ive suffered.
You haven’t.
here i am on the outside,
looking through the glass,
smiling at Your glee,
a mirror, where You see You and i see me.
both alone,
i thought We could be One, BUT
I’ve learned better.
I’m not invited in your clique.
but thats ok,
I’ll do what I have too.
I will will will recall Myself.
and anyways, what do I ever earn?
I only come full circle.
I cant escape me, my past .
and I see now that,
My future can’t last.
you will see, I will be Me.


I Give You My Blood

I’m a blank canvas fill me.

Feel me with red.

Your music is my soul.

Lets not be fake, like all the others.

 I feel us coming together soon.

The movements of the stars ordain it.

Can you feel it?

We will blend together and live in the stars.

I can’t say the exploding love inside me.

It’s a ancient little secret.

Between you and me.

Your sweat, I lose my mind.

Control me.

You angel tempter.

I am Yours.