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Lie to me

And I’ll believe
Rotten carrots and cat puke
That’s how my night’s gone
Why did you lie
I watch movies
I listen to love songs
I’m up, then down
Why did you lie
No solution or answer
Comes to me
I didn’t ask for this
Burdened with your attentions
But why…
No answer comes still
Is this all in vain?
…… So since then I’ve learned to have no expectations, I may never see you again. 

Another Lost Dream.


Hiding Place

somewhere to run to
I’ve lost
Why can’t I hold
myself back
I never learn
this is how I get hurt
setting up for failure
reveal yourself
but you’ll end up alone
like always
I need my secrets
but I’m too honest
I always show them where
it hurts most
where to throw their stones
trusting little lamb

Dream Tiger

  • ice_princess_by_selenada-d7zn51w

Because of the words you wrote

I can never be sad.
It’s still hard
Not having you here.
I can’t show you my pain
It’s not fair.
Now that you’ve told me you’re here.
But somehow it’s not enough.
I know your not playing any games.
But old wounds
Make me afraid.
I can’t erase my past
Never thinking I’m good enough.
This is so hard.
I can’t tell you who I am.
I don’t deserve something so sweet.
I don’t deserve you.
Your perfect in my eyes,
It makes me ache with desire
To love you and protect you.
I didn’t plan for this.
It can look insincere from the outside,
But I swear my love is real.
Your stare,
A shock through me.
Your voice,
Makes me tremble.
Up all night,
Your words
Running round in my head.
I mean it when I said,
“I’d wait all eternity for your kiss”,
And I’d still love you
Even if you hated me.

I must be going crazy…


Dark Reflections

“Think she’ll kill herself today?
Shall we watch?
That girl is a train wreck!”
You bring me here, out of myself
I dive into the surroundings
And bring forth
Words cut by silence.
This distance protects our egos.
Play games to avoid intimacy.
Lies and more lies.
A wandering stranger with a familiar scent.
I’ll light the black candles,
and banish this darkness.

girls candles

Without Your Love

my love is forever
yours is ever-burning
you have it all
I receive it
my oxygen
but you cut it off
just to see me choke
forever receptive
I need this
just like
the moon
reflects the sun
without it’s light
it’s just another empty black hole



Hope is a little bird that lives in a dark little cave in your heart,

holding it together with its sad little song.

Until one day for no reason at all it flies away.

Leaving your heart to cave in, crack, crumble

and turn into a dust from which the phoenix will never rise.