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You little pest
Hold your breath
please be my guest
I’m sick of your tests
I just want to be at rest
I’ll continue my quest
At your jests
I’m unimpressed
without you I’m blessed
my passion awakes in my breast
Of your charm I’m dispossessed
rip up my princess dress
Fly free from your nest
Of ghoulish depressed
deprived of their best
I am self-possessed
No longer obsessed



A Whore’s Freedom

red lipstick above her mustache
working for the man
a sardonic smile
I look above and around him
holding on to all the moments of brightness
morning air, church flowers, ducks in the lake
you cant take credit for my achievments
my strength is my own
a whore’s freedom




I’m one of the
broken fragile people with only glue holding together their beaten souls
fragile yet strong
strong on my own
no one else ever there for me
I’m strongĀ becauseĀ I’ve had no one
no love, no shelter
a broken family
and you think I’m spoiled
I’m too clever
too pretty
that I must have had it all
but I’ve never had a thing
a kind word, praise, comfort
from anyone
I’m on my own
my strength is my own
torn and broken
as my pride is
how dare you rip apart my faith
justification in loving one and punishing another
you don’t know me
the words the judgements
I hear
I will not let hurt me anymore
a kind word is the world to those who’ve never had any
but you’ll never understand me
I love all, you included
I never want to inflict the suffering I’ve lived through on another

let the cycle end here

with me